Post-Natal Abdominal Care

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Are you an an expecting or full-throttle mom?

I specialize in post-natal abdominal recovery to help moms recover fully from the strain of pregnancy and childbirth.  In practice since 2007, I have specialized in abdominal care and recovery for nearly a decade.

I can help you with:

  • c-section scars and healing complications
  • residual abdominal and pelvic symptoms after birth
  • pubic symphysis and lingering low back pain
  • full abdominal function or flexibility hasn’t returned
  • random, odd, and/or unexplained pain, discomfort, and other symptoms

There is no restriction on how long it has been since giving birth – a couple months to several years – many moms find relief from abdominal care even after significant time has passed since delivery.

Session Rates

*Tips are not accepted.

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1.  Mom Recovery Special: 2 sessions for $200 (can only be purchased once per person)

2.  One Recovery Session for $120

3.  Regular 4-session package: $400 (can be purchased as often as desired)

*Sessions are 1-hour long, plus time for intake before session and check-in after.

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If you have any questions, feel free to email or call:, 503-888-0708


“I have been a client of Isabel’s for almost two years now, first coming to her after a second trimester loss which left my abdominal muscles and pelvic joints in a great deal of pain. I had been dealing with chronic SI joint pain for 18 years since the birth of my first son, and after working with Isabel through my loss and subsequent pregnancy I attained a higher quality of life because of her high skill set and knowledge. I have lived all across the US, practiced massage myself and can say that Isabel is a one of a kind healer.”

– Emily

“I saw Isabel about 8 weeks after my second vaginal delivery. I was having trouble with pubic symphysis pain and a general discomfort in my belly.  After one session, my pelvic pain was greatly decreased and my belly felt better.”
– Nikki

“I had a difficult labor and a c-section in 2014.  Two years later, my full flexibility in yoga still hadn’t returned.  After two sessions working on my c-section scar with Isabel, I could do every pose I wanted again!  I had no idea this could be fixed. I’m so grateful.”
– Kristen

“As a chiropractor who has worked with Isabel co-treating patients and as a client treated by her; Isabel is one of the best massage therapists I have known in my 20 years of practice.  I highly recommend Isabel to many of my patients when they need specific soft tissue work.  The feedback from my patients has ben 100% positive!” – Dr. Cheryl Gross, D.C.

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