Here are resources for finding great abdominal care and other services in Portland, OR. Please do your due diligence about assessing each practitioner’s safety measures during the pandemic. The list is broken into sections: “general body,” “pregnancy/parent,” and “non-tangible.” All of these folks are people I know personally and actively refer to.

For every body:

Abdominal Health Practitioner Directory This is the small, but growing, list of abdominal providers all over the U.S. listed on my abdominal website.

I have given in-person, specific training about abdominal scar tissue work to these four Physical Therapists who specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy:

Jessica Corman, DPT – Balance Portland

Shoshanna Lewis, DPT – Meruu Core Choice

Sara Lindauer, DPT – Whole Body Health Physical Therapy

Beth Fitzgerald, DPT – Sound Body Physical Therapy

These are other excellent practitioners who can help you:

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy These are the PT’s who I refer to most frequently for all sorts of PT needs. I have personally worked with and shared many happy clients with Justine Cosman, DPT and Kara Schuft, DPT. Dr. Kara specializes in pelvic health.

Dr. Jennifer Curtiss, ND Dr. Jen is an experienced family physician and can help with many pelvic floor distresses for women.

Dr. Ilana Guervich, ND Dr. Ilana is a gastrointestinal and women’s health specialist. Her waiting list can be long, but worth it.

Jen Owen, NP Jen is an experienced Nurse Practitioner who runs an integrated-medicine practice and also has a specialty in pelvic care.

Dr. Cheryl Gross, DC Dr. Cheryl is a long-time chiropractor with a wealth of knowledge and skill and a commitment to not over-treating. I have shared many happy clients for injury recovery with her for more than a decade.

Ranee Forrette, LMT Ranee is a talented bodyworker who focuses on oncology massage as well as injury recovery and chronic pain in Wilsonville, OR.

Betsy Loncar, LMT Betsy is a wonderful full-body, medium-pressure therapist who excels at stress relief work.

Angela Severson, LMT Angela is not accepting new clients but she is an exceptional abdominal (and more) bodyworker with whom I have co-taught many times and I cannot leave her off my list. Plus, maybe her schedule will open again some day!

Kjell Moline, LAc Kjell is a long-time Chinese Medicine practitioner with a profound understanding of Chinese Herbal medicine. I generally send clients with the most intractable cases of gut distress to him.

Aqua 4 Life PDX Victor Barreda Pazos, LMT is an experienced practitioner. He has both a traditional massage practice as well as a specialty in Watsu. Watsu is acupressure massage in water and is exceptionally helpful during pregnancy (and more).

For pregnancy/parent:

Dr. Rachel Sterry, ND Dr. Rachel is an ND who specializes in perinatal care. She also runs an online support group for moms and is a wealth of knowledge, especially about returning to exercise after pregnancy. There are few people I trust whole-heartedly in the realm of postpartum exercise and I highly recommend Rachel.

Dr. Sara Ohgushi, ND, LM Dr. Sara is a long-time and well-loved ND and midwife specializing in home birth and family care.

Mirra Nerenberg, CPM, LDM, IBCLC Mirra is a warm and experienced midwife and lactation consultant who offers very complete care for expecting moms.

SlumberTime Solutions Marie-Eve Gagnon is a warm, caring sleep coach who can work with all sorts of parenting styles to get everyone in the family more sleep!

Dr. Katie Kanda, DC Dr. Katie is a gentle and mindful chiropractor. She specializes in prenatal and postpartum support and women’s health.

For non-tangibles:

The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy The CCST is a highly respected mental health clinic. Sexual pain and other disruptions are extremely common symptoms to accompany abdominal adhesions, surgery, birth, and more. Unfortunately, these issues are rarely openly discussed. The mental health therapists at the center work closely with many different medical clinics and pelvic PT’s around town to provide robust co-treatment for full recovery. While their different mental health therapists specialize in different areas, they do have a strong focus on sexual pain after medical procedures/trauma.

Erin Moline, LPC Erin is an excellent longtime counselor who offers depth therapy as well as supportive counseling.