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I have been in practice since 2007, always focused on injury recovery.  In early 2009, I began specializing in abdominal care for adhesions.  Over the years, I have worked extensively with people recovering from:

  • many forms of abdominal and pelvic surgery
  • recovery from childbirth (cesarian and vaginal)
  • endometriosis
  • unexplained/undiagnosable abdominal and pelvicsymptoms
  • and much more

While I utilize techniques from many different protocols and traditions, I do not work within a single framework.  Simply put, clients’ needs vary a lot and not everyone responds to the same approach.  I pride myself on the flexibility of my work.

I also pride myself on being very transparent about what I can and cannot help.  I strive to be as clear as possible in my communication and will not make false promises or lead you on.

If you are interested in scheduling a session with me for:

post-natal abdominal recovery

abdominal pain or distress

abdominal adhesions

pre-surgery preparation

post-surgical recovery

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“I saw Isabel about 8 weeks after my second vaginal delivery. I was having trouble with pubic symphysis pain and a general discomfort in my belly.  After one session, my pelvic pain was greatly decreased and my belly felt better.”
– Nikki

“I had a difficult labor and a c-section in 2014.  Two years later, my full flexibility in yoga still hadn’t returned.  After two sessions working on my c-section scar with Isabel, I could do every pose I wanted again!  I had no idea this could be fixed. I’m so grateful.”
– Kristen

“As a chiropractor who has worked with Isabel co-treating patients and as a client treated by her; Isabel is one of the best massage therapists I have known in my 20 years of practice.  I highly recommend Isabel to many of my patients when they need specific soft tissue work.  The feedback from my patients has ben 100% positive!” – Dr. Cheryl Gross, D.C.

“After six years of abdominal discomfort following surgery requiring an abdominal incision and after two bowel obstructions all apparently related to post-surgical adhesions, I saw Isabel for treatment of abdominal adhesions. After her first treatment I felt very different with everything feeling like it was moving without catches for the first time in years. After the initial treatment I had some ups and downs and Isabel taught me some self-massage techniques which have been very effective. After six months of treatments and self massage I have been on a smooth course with few flare-ups which are handled with self massage and an occasional tune up from Isabel. Isabel has been a delight to work with and I highly recommend her care and work.” -AB

“Abdominal adhesion can be very debilitating. The symptoms often appear in mysterious patterns and refer to other areas of the body. It requires specialized care to determine the involved tissues and the best approach to resolving the adhesion and the associated symptoms. Isabel’s approach to abdominal adhesion balances precision and gentle care. She provides a comprehensive session including relaxing taught tissues, enhancing circulation, optimizing the posture of the muscles. She possesses insight to the quality of tissues based on their response to palpation and massage. Isabel’s expertise on the pain referral patterns promote ease of mind during the healing process. She teaches self-massage for health maintenance at home.” – CH, Occupational Therapist and client

“I have had abdomen and groin pain for over five years with little to no pain relief. I left a trail of doctors, specialists, and testing procedures with little to no relief or understanding to my condition or associated pain pattern. I was given a referral to Isabel from a chiropractor who recommended a commitment of four to five sessions with her to see if my pain would lessen or gain more flexibility and motion. At this point, I was desperate. After seeing over 10 doctors, endless testing and procedures, and being reliant on pain medications to function on a day to day basis…I scoffed at the idea of massage as a pain reliever. I decided that this would be my final approach before I would entertain the idea of surgery.

Isabel did a very thorough evaluation of my medical history at my first session. I found pain relief around session 5 and continued to work with Isabel for pain relief on a regular basis. I found a viable mode to offset the possibility of surgery and to provide pain relief that allowed me to cease taking pain medication on a daily basis. In many ways, Isabel gave me my life back in the true sense of being able to participate and navigate my daily life without pain. Before working with Isabel Amber, I was hampered in both professional and personal life and was dependent on medication just to get through the day and to sleep at night.

I highly recommend Isabel for adhesion work if you have not found a remedy for pain or mobility.” -JS

“When I first saw Isabel I had been suffering from abdominal pain for over a year resulting from prostate surgery. I had received no relief through physical therapy, my primary doctor and surgeon had no real ideas for treatment, and x-rays and an MRI revealed no major concerns. Isabel immediately zeroed in on several pain areas and went to work. After the first session I felt immediate relief and through subsequent sessions I have felt significant relief and improvement.

I have appreciated greatly Isabel’s expertise and ability to find the “spots” that are causing my discomfort. When she works on these spots, scar tissue and adhesions, we both feel the resistance and most often the release that comes through her work. I have worked with Isabel for a year now and at this point we seem to be in this dance where my pain symptoms go up and down between treatments. At times I am virtually pain free and at other times, always due to increased physical activity, the pain symptoms increase. At this point, I do feel my body establishing new rhythms of improvement and recovery on its own.

I really have appreciated Isabel’s style, expertise and artistry. She listens, is thoughtful in her approach and very much in touch with me as a person. “  – GH