Learning Opportunities for Practitioners

Are you a licensed healthcare practitioner (MT, PT, NP, PA, etc.) who is interested in learning more about this work for your clients? Here are the options Isabel currently offers!

Workshops: Isabel offers roughly eight hands-on workshops per year that are open to any practitioner whose scope allows for these activities.

Upcoming workshops (these links will take you to my abdominal-specific website):

Shadowing: Isabel invites selected practitioners to observe her in-session work from start to finish. There is no charge for this to the practitioner. Due to Isabel’s commitment to trauma-informed care and the sensitive nature and length of client sessions, all shadowing practitioners must agree to (and will be held to) the shadowing policy. These shadowing sessions will be available starting in September of 2023

In-Session Instruction: For practitioners who are ready to fine-tune or accelerate their work under direct 1:1 supervision from Isabel. Each supervision session lasts two hours and includes a minimum of one hour of direct client time. This can happen at Isabel’s clinic with her clients or at your space with your clients. These instructional sessions will be available starting in September of 2023.

Online Program: I continue to maintain the NCBTMB-certified online training program I made with Angela Severson, LMT several years ago. This program can be found at my abdominal-specific website: click here to go to the Practitioner Training Program

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