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Looking for that perfect gift for an expecting or full-throttle mom?  You’ve found it!

I specialize in post-natal abdominal recovery to help moms recover fully from the strain of pregnancy and childbirth.  With 10 years in my full-time practice, I have specialized in abdominal care and recovery for 8 of those years.

I am very happy to help with:

  • c-section scars and healing complications
  • residual abdominal and pelvic symptoms after vaginal birth
  • pubic symphysis and lingering low back pain
  • full abdominal function or flexibility hasn’t returned
  • random, odd, and/or unexplained pain, discomfort, and other symptoms

There is no restriction on how long it has been since giving birth – a couple months to a couple of years – many moms find relief from abdominal care even after significant time has passed since delivery.

Gift Certificate Options

*Tips are not accepted.

1.  Mom Recovery Special: 2 sessions for $200 (can only be purchased once per recipient)

2.  One Recovery Session for $120

3.  Regular 4-session package: $400 (can purchase as often as desired)

*Sessions are 1-hour long, plus time for intake before and check-in after.

When you purchase your gift certificate, please:

  1. Select the “Custom” amount to pay for whichever option you choose (#1, #2, or #3 above).
  2. Please feel free to let your recipient know which option you have chosen to gift her in the “Personal Message” box.
  3. Your recipient will receive the certificate immediately (or on whatever date you specify).  I will follow up and send her the scheduling link, and all other information for her appointment(s).


If you have any problems purchasing, feel free to email or call:, 503-888-0708

“I saw Isabel about 8 weeks after my second vaginal delivery. I was having trouble with pubic symphysis pain and a general discomfort in my belly.  After one session, my pelvic pain was greatly decreased and my belly felt better.”
– Nikki

“I had a difficult labor and a c-section in 2014.  Two years later, my full flexibility in yoga still hadn’t returned.  After two sessions working on my c-section scar with Isabel, I could do every pose I wanted again!  I had no idea this could be fixed. I’m so grateful.”
– Kristen

“As a chiropractor who has worked with Isabel co-treating patients and as a client treated by her; Isabel is one of the best massage therapists I have known in my 20 years of practice.  I highly recommend Isabel to many of my patients when they need specific soft tissue work.  The feedback from my patients has ben 100% positive!” – Dr. Cheryl Gross, D.C.

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